Day 32/100 Happy Days

I feel like I should elaborate slightly on my Happy Days project on my blog a little more…..

In all the ‘glow’ that’s apparently radiating from me, although I’ve felt calm, Happy and relaxed, I have felt unbelievably fatigued.

Our bodies are just like plants. We need food, water, sunshine, rain, nurture and love to thrive and sometimes we even need fertiliser.

After making so many changes I was surprised my fatigue wasn’t lifting. It felt heavy and a little disturbing at times. I knew I’d need to get up out of bed but I lacked any sort of energy to move. I’d have eight solid hours sleep and wake up feeling like I’d not even slept.

I suspected something was amiss. After seventeen years of not having a thyroid I knew my signs pretty well but if my levels were too low I’d get very specific symptoms but that hadn’t happened.

Turns out my thyroid indicators were severely amiss. My fertiliser needed some serious topping up.

Last night I had the worst sleep I’ve had in ages, totalling around 4.5 hours and somehow I woke up wide eyed and full of energy. The fertiliser was seeping deep into my metabolism literally filling my depleted bucket. Yah!

What a perfect way to start my 32nd Happy day.

It was freezing when I finally emerged from the cocoon of my warm bed. I slipped on my unicorn slippers and pressed that magic button which turned our house from six degrees to twenty degrees.

I boiled the kettle and sat on the lounge listening to nature awakening. I made a cup of tea and poked my head outside into the freezing cold and perched on my bench and watched the sun rise over the top of my autumn trees. I sipped my tea and warmed my hands. Big Red started his crowing and Olaf happily joined in. I felt so immensely grateful to be awake enjoying the peace and delight of a new day.

After school drop off was complete I was lucky enough to spend the morning at yoga with two beautiful friends. We stretched and breathed our way through a routine that will make us all hurt in places tomorrow we never dreamt of.

I had lunch with my dear friend Donna. We ventured into Bangalow and explored as many coffee and food stops as possible. This woman came into my life last year and we bonded. That sounds like such a wank doesn’t it? But seriously it’s like we’ve known each other our whole lives. We could talk the whole day long and not be tired of each other and we laugh. We laugh so much. Donna makes my heart warm. I get excited when I know I get to spend time with her. Our friendship is relaxed and easy. Nothing is a trouble and my children are head over heels in love with her. In fact, Indiana has been known to lose her mind if I’ve promised a visit to Donna’s and we change plans. Actually, Donna got quite upset when our boys were put on different tennis teams this term. She wasn’t upset for them, she was upset for us. The coach found this highly amusing.

After a fabulous day with Donna I got home to see our poor goat Mint, was still pregnant. I walked into her pen and she didn’t even bother getting up. The effort is too much for her now. We are certain she has twins in there but I worry there could be triplets. I found a spot in the hay next to her and stroked her chin and her belly. The kids were wriggling around under the warmth of my hand. I told Mint that I understood. I too know the effort to carry two babies. I too know the fatigue. I told her that today is the first of June and she was actually due in May. I sensed a slight irritation when I mentioned that. I’m pretty certain if she could talk she would’ve said ‘Seriously woman, my udder is the size of a bucket, these babies are sapping all my goodness, my teats are now hanging down to my knees, my back is aching so much I can hardly get up and my vagina is now hanging outside of my body in a rather unfashionable way. Don’t you think I want these kids out yesterday.’ I figured if I gave her a brush down, some fresh water and a biscuit of hay she would like me a little more.

I noticed our mother hen and her five chicks being stalked by our dog. The hen would herd her babes under a bush and then run at the dog and peck her in the face. I couldn’t help but laugh. The dog decided basking in the sun would be more pleasurable.

I found my afternoon spot on the lounge in the sun and pulled out my knitting.

Soon my cherubs will be home and the house will be full of chatter and food as we settle in for our Friday Night Roast and Movie Night.

What isn’t there to be happy about?


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