When my heart melts!

So, my heart melted today. Twice!

Lucia was asked to take in a treasured item to school. When Saxon and I read the note together we knew what she would take. Without hesitation she packed in her school bag her Lucia and Charlize teddy bears and her book about Charlize.

We hit the jackpot this year when Lucia started school. She has the most beautiful, caring and nurturing teacher anyone could ask for. Mrs T, is like Miss Honey from the movie in Matilda. She oozes warm and fuzzy and she enables even the over-protective Mum like me, to walk away without hesitation. She also happens to be a Mum to 27 weeker twins! See how lucky we are!

So, Lucia takes in her treasured items and I knew she was supposed to talk about them. She gets home from school and I say, ‘Chia, how did your treasured news go today? What did you talk about?’

Lucia looks at me, shrugs her shoulders, walks away and mumbles, ‘I forget.’

I was a little deflated. I suspected she knew her over-emotional mother would cry when she told me what really happened.

Mrs T told me how all the children sat around Lucia, listening to the story of how she’s an identical twin and how Charlize is around her all of the time. My heart did in fact melt when she told me this story. I’m also immensely proud. This is the first time in her life where SHE gets to tell her story. It’s not Mummy, Daddy or her siblings, it’s her.

Because Charlize is a part of our daily conversation, our daily life, she is not a cause for tears and sadness. She is a reason to smile, share her story and celebrate the strength of two little girls.

So then later this afternoon my heart melted again.

Indiana had her very first singing lesson today. She has asked for quite some time to have some lessons. Finally last week I made a call to the most patient and talented man in our town and he said yes!

She asked me to drop her off and come back at the end. The excitement she was feeling was contagious.

I considered hiding out the front and listening but I knew she would probably sense my presence.

I went to the shops and loaded my trolley with chocolate instead.

I returned five minutes before her lesson was over. Her back was to me and she was standing up, wiggling her little hips from side to side and when she was told, she lifted her voice and sang her little heart out. She sang Vance Joy’s Riptide. Her favourite. Then and there my heart melted.

I silently wished I could film her but, that image is etched into my heart and mind for all eternity. When she finished I clapped and she turned around with her eyes sparkling and her smile reached her ears.

What a perfect ending to a day.

Both my girls filled with happiness.

Thank you to all the wonderful teachers in our lives, who often underestimate the talent they have for drawing the best out of our little humans.

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