A friend named Jaye

My biggest worry when we decided to pack up the only life we knew in Sydney and move to this little town on the Northern Rivers, was that I would have no friends.

You may have guessed I’m an extrovert! I know you’re shocked, sometimes even I don’t believe it!

I had such a beautiful circle of friends around me in Sydney. Some I had known my entire life. How would I even try to replicate that in this little town of 5000 people.

I got involved in as many things as I could to build myself a network. Lucky for me, we have the most generous human living next door (our darling Rhonda), who introduced me to a large circle and arranged play dates and coffee dates for me to be part of.

When I opened my Family Day Care business I was lucky enough to build relationships with these families that I never thought possible.

Actually, to be honest the friendships I have built up here are the purest and most beautiful friendships. Country chicks are truly awesome.

I am, and always will be honoured to be entrusted to care for people’s children.

One day in July 2015 I interviewed a family who wanted me to care for their daughter. Lucky for me I got to spend lots of time with their beautiful daughter and she’s become like a surrogate sister to my children. Nik and Jaye have become dear friends to me.

Jaye would drop everything and come over if I needed her. Regardless of what she’s going through. She is the rarest of gems one could ask for in friendship. She is gentle, she is real, she is nurturing and she makes you feel special.

Today I was lucky enough to visit Jaye at her home. I got to sit on her lounge with a cup of tea and chat.

When I arrived she passed me a gift. Don’t tell her but I very bravely held in my sobs until I got home.

I was gifted a framed, hand painted picture of some of the most beautiful butterflies that call the Northern Rivers their home. It is one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever received … and it’s not even my birthday!

I am so touched. So honoured, to call this beautiful woman and her family my friends.

I cannot wait to hang this heartfelt gift on my wall in my kitchen so I can look at it and smile everyday.

Dear Jaye, please know you will now be bombarded with photos every time I see one of these butterflies in my garden.

You my darling friend are the greatest gift any woman could ask for.

With eternal love, huge thanks and water falling from my eyes, I am lucky to have you in my life.

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