Filling Their Cups!

My children all woke up cranky and tired today. They didn’t go to bed late but they’re just a bit fatigued and fragile. Some might say they need to toughen up and get on with it but I could see deep within their eyes they needed an adventure with Mummy and nature.

I sent them to school dragging their feet like cranky old men. In fact, the only way I got Miss Bliss dressed and in the car and at the school gates was by agreeing to pick her up early.

She made me pinky promise. A promise I had no intention of breaking or I would lose the trust she has in me and some days that’s the only thing that gets us through.

They reluctantly said goodbye to me and wandered to their respective circles of friends.

At 2.00pm I arrived at school and I signed them all out. Their excitement was delicious when I told them I was taking them on an adventure.

Our first stop was Baskin Robbins ice-cream. We all sat down eating our ice creams and they started talking about their memories of our beloved Joan and how she would love an ice cream too.

Our second stop was the park. Master Boris has this fascination with using his upper body strength to climb up the posts that hold the shade sail. He was in his element.

Our third stop was the beach. They stripped off their uniforms down to their undies, put on a hat, flicked off their shoes and their feet connected with our earth.

The wet, soggy sand seeped between their toes. The crispness of the water sprayed against their skin.

I watched as my three little humans dispersed to the rock pools to explore. Crouching and digging. Looking and finding. Navigating balance, sometimes they fell, sometimes they skipped, sometimes they walked slowly with caution.

They were forever smiling.

I took a series of photos of Miss Bliss as I marvelled at how calming and happy this small gesture made her. Later today, I zoomed in on one of the photos and the magic of happiness in her face shone through.

I already knew I’d done the right thing when I was watching them all at the beach but this confirmed it.

Sometimes kids just need to be kids. They need to connect with the natural world that breathes life into our soul. Which radiates happiness through our feet, to the sparkle in our eyes and laughter on our lips.

The simplest task of removing our shoes and feeling the textures of nature beneath them invokes calm. Today I saw it.

Often these experiences reconfirm my pure instinct as their mother when sometimes, I’m worried I’m overthinking it or doubting my ability to read the signs.

Today, I nailed it.

I felt guilty a few hours later when I suggested we leave the beach. It took quite some time to move them along and I laughed when they didn’t hear my requests because they were so absorbed in the moment.

We made it home and checked out our new baby chickens. We waited patiently for Daddy to arrive home.

Our final stop was Sushi Train for dinner. I watched delightedly as the child who told me repeatedly she wouldn’t eat sushi, managed to consume the most amount of dishes tonight.

Today was successful. I filled their cups! Just when they were nearing empty we filled them with good food (except for the ice cream), nature, exploration, fulfilled promises and loads of love.

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