30 Day Writing Challenge – Ten Interesting Facts You may Not Know about me….

I decided that I should start all future blog posts with 100 happy day posts to keep in line with the book that I recently read and loved.

Here is todays: Day 1/365: I am happy for the luxury of being able to wake up (nearly) pain free today and for the first time since November, I not only went for a walk but a gentle jog. I drove down to the beach, excited to smell the salty spray of the ocean. I put my earphones in and pressed shuffle on my playlist and got out of the car.

The sky opened up (this seems to be a common theme for me this week). There were people taking shelter under the marine building but I smiled and started jogging past them. No idiot except me, was dumb enough to be running in this weather. Lucky, because had anyone seen me with my hoody tied under my chin and the rain smashing down with a huge cheesy smile on my face.

I stood at the end of the wall at Ballina delighted I had accomplished such a simple task I had longed to do for months. The photo on my blog today was taken at that exact moment so I don’t ever forget that sometimes being really patient is totally worth the agony.

I suspect tomorrow I might be happy about nurofen and heatpacks, but it was totally worth it.


There are numerous topics on this writing challenge list that I don’t like so I’ll use some and spare you the heartache of a shitty piece of writing for the sake of it.

So, here goes:

Ten Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Me

1. I prefer to drive a manual car than automatic. I got especially furious when a car salesman told me that the 4WD I was interested in didn’t come in manual “as most Mum’s can only drive automatic”. Could he be any more patronising. This “Mum” thinks your logic sucks mate!

2. My absolute favourite singer at the moment is Post Malone closely followed by Khalid. When I visited Sydney last year I was lucky enough to spend lots of time with my baby brother, Thomas, (who is turning 25 this year). I felt like I was 17 again, driving along in his cute little car, with groovy tunes pumping loudly and I fell in love with the sound of Post Malone.

3. I have given birth to four, perfect, live babies. Orlando, Indiana, Charlize and Lucia. I have also miscarried four times. For me, the loss of a miscarriage is tough but, it can never compare to the loss of my newborn baby in my arms taking her last breath.

4. It has been twelve months since our legal team dialled us in to a conference call to tell us they could not prove in a court of law that the hospital was at fault for the death of our daughter, even though they can see they are. It is strongly believed, when Charlize received a blood transfusion immediately following her birth, that it was contaminated with Group B Strep and that is the reason she died. (Note for self: Write a blog on this).

5. I am an extraordinarily impatient person. It means I can get bored easily, which is why I often move all our furniture around at home and have had numerous jobs in my lifetime.

6. Following from point 5 I will list all the jobs I can remember having …. from the age of 13-17 I worked casually in my Uncle’s camping shops and often worked at the Caravan, Camping and 4WD show at Randwick Racecourse. When I was 14 and 9 months I began working at Woolworths as a “Check Out Chick”. I worked at Rockmans. I worked as a receptionist in a Sand & Soils supply company. When I finished school I worked for Telstra. Firstly in customers service, then faults, then complaints dealing with ombudsman complaints (people really hated Telstra), then I was lucky enough to work at the International Broadcasting Centre during the Sydney 2000 Olympics. I then changed direction and started working in Real Estate. I worked at PRD Nationwide Manly as a Property Officer, LJ Hooker Narrabeen as a Sales Assistant to one of the biggest wankers I’ve ever met in my life, LJ Hooker Mona Vale as Property Manager, a boutique Real Estate agency as a Senior Property Manager and then I got tired of working Saturday’s and became an Office Manager and Personal Assistant to the Director of the largest Real Estate agency on the North Shore, Ray White Neutral Bay Mosman. I am still in contact with many of my Real Estate friends today.

Then I had a baby and became an Executive Assistant to the CEO of JF Infrastructure. This led me to one of my favourite jobs ever, Executive Assistant to the Managing Director of Sara Lee Australia. These gorgeous colleagues saw me through the toughest time of my life with the loss of Charlize. Without them I would not be standing today. I was offered a redundancy package when my maternity leave finished as Sara Lee was sold to MCcains.

I then decided to use my awesome skills and work for a not-for-profit and scored a job as the EA to the Country Director of The World Bank. It wasn’t what I anticipated and my CD was out of country 3 weeks a month and didn’t value our relationship (an executive assistant is a director’s right arm. If the relationship isn’t there, the job will never work well. This is the only time I experienced this).  Lucky for me as I was getting tired of him I was head hunted for the role at Hasbro Toys. When I quit, the CD at TWB begged me to stay. I even felt a little guilty but who wouldn’t want to play with Nerf Blasters, Mr Potato Head and Play Doh for a living.

I loved the job  at Hasbro immensely but in hindsight I was grief stricken and was not ready to work. I quit after six months to stay home with my babies. My old boss from Sara Lee heard what I had done and offered me a job partially working in his new office and from home so I had the best of both worlds. So began a new role working for Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. I loved working for him again but my heart was broken and Sydney was not where we wanted to be anymore. So, we packed up and moved to the country. My first job in our little town was working in the Commonwealth Bank. I met all 4900/5000 members of our town in a few short months. I then decided to follow my heart and moved into Early Childhood where I was lucky enough to work in our community preschool and run my very own Family Day Care.

7. After our car accident I became unintentionally unemployed. Much to my disgust I had to close my business due to my injuries. During the accident I smashed the left hand side of my head pretty badly. By the time the trauma ambulance arrived at the scene to assess us, I had lost my entire peripheral vision and then promptly lost my balance and collapsed on the ground. It turns out the vitrious in my eye completely detached from the retina. Because the vitrious came off in a big chunk I often lose 1/3-1/2 of my vision depending on the location this piece wants to float to. Apparently I can have surgery to try and rectify this but it’s quite invasive. I’m not there yet. In addition, I smashed up my pelvis and hip pretty badly and running around after tiny little humans was no longer an option.

8. My favourite thing to do, EVER, is to curl up on the lounge with a book. My Granny was an avid reader as is my Dad and I followed suit. I generally read a book every 1-2 days, which is why I prefer a kindle these days. However, I love nothing more than walking around a bookshop or a library and piling a collection of books in my arms to read.

9. I applied for university in January and then promptly talked myself out of going. I happened to get declined for my first preference at UNE but was accepted for my second preference. I let it go and moved on to enabling our whole family to recover and trying to enjoy not working. I felt quite lost. I don’t enjoy doing nothing, unless I’m reading. On Friday 2nd March my husband came home and told me on his flight he had been thinking about uni and I should absolutely do it because I’ve always wanted to. We are lucky enough to be in a situation where I don’t have to work and I could go to uni full time. I looked up the closing dates for the uni I really wanted to go to (which wasn’t UNE) and realised it closed that day at 5pm. I rapidly started typing my submission and application and submitted by midday. The following Monday I was accepted and I started full time uni on the Tuesday.

Life. It never ceases to amaze me.

Let’s hope I can be patient for the next four YEARS.

10. My husband works away from home. They call this FIFO (Fly In Fly Out). Since June last year he has been away four nights every-single-week. I miss the little things, like waking up next to him every day, rather than just on weekends. I miss the luxury of him coming home after work on a weekday and being able to quickly race down to the shops on my own. Instead, I have learnt to adapt to a very structured weekday routine. Our house runs with military precision during the week. I’ve learnt to be Mum and Dad during the week. I look after the children, I keep the house clean, the washing up to date, the lawns mowed, the animals looked after, the vegetable garden blooming. I consider myself lucky though, I have friends whose husbands are FIFO and are gone 3-6 weeks at a time.

Happy Sunday!

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