My Earliest Memory

We have never been able to understand this completely, but one of my earliest memories is of being a little girl, a toddler maybe.

I was wearing only my undies and my hair had ribbons in it.

I knew that I shouldn’t, but I walked up to the ironing board where the iron was sitting hot after my mother had just been using it.

I reached my right hand up and pressed it against the hot metal of the iron and then I screamed as I pulled my hand away.

I don’t remember anything else.

My Mum tells me I never, ever, burnt myself.

But here’s the crazy part, this is my Mum’s story which seems to be where my earliest memory came from.

My Mum was heavily pregnant in 1981 with me.

She was running late for her obstetrician appointment.

She needed to iron her dress.

As she was ironing her dress she burnt her belly on the iron.

We still both think this is absolutely crazy. My memory is as clear in my head today as it was when I was a little girl.

And my Mum is still adamant that other than burning her belly I absolutely never burnt my hand.

What age do you recall being for your earliest memory?

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