The First’s and The Last’s

This gorgeous photo was of Lucia’s very first day of preschool back in January 2015. She was only just three years old, still had a dummy, wasn’t toilet trained and was still our baby.

I remember crying in the car that day that I needed to let go of her a little and let her blossom.

Blossom she did. From the shy, hesitant baby girl her preferred her own company if relied on being with her big sister she began to grow.

We moved her to a preschool closer to our home when she was 3.5 and this was the photo of her first day!

This picture still makes me laugh!! Lucia has never done anything unless she wanted to!

Six years ago today, I was sitting in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit holding my baby girl who had just weighed in at a little over 1kg. All those months in hospital where I hoped and prayed and begged her to survive I never looked too far ahead. It was too frightening.

Today, weighing in at 13kgs, still tiny but full of fire. She put her bag on her back and skipped to our car for her final day of preschool ever!

She actually let me take this beautiful picture of her at the front door!

Snuggle has been with her every step of the way to support her too! He even looks a decent shade of white in this photo.

This darling girl has a beautiful group of friends around her that made her days at preschool a joy and taught her to trust in herself.

So, although this is the final day for our family at Preschool we look forward to all the firsts to come in the future.

Thank you to all the beautiful staff at Wollongbar Preschool who set Lucia on the path of happiness in life. We are eternally grateful for your love and nurture.

Darling Chi Chi, the road ahead is exciting. Enjoy every moment as you shower your magic on all those who are lucky enough to meet you. We love you to the ends of the rainbow. You are our pot of gold.

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