Tomorrow You’re Five!


Dearest Lucia,

Ive just put you to bed for the last night that you’re four! You gave me a huge smooch and repeatedly thanked me for bringing you on holidays for your birthday.

I left your room and shortly after saw this photo. It reminded me of this day five years ago when you and Charlize were safely snuggled in my belly entwined in eachother.

I want to thank you baby girl. If you didn’t tell us you wanted to go on this holiday for your birthday we would’ve spent another year pretending to be brave for everyone around us. Instead we have spent the day quietly enjoying our family time.

Tomorrow we get to celebrate you and we all cannot wait because you’re a gorgeous, kind, amazingly spirited little girl who touches life with your magic.

On Tuesday we will celebrate Charlize and as a family we don’t have to be brave. We can be however we need to be.

Thank you Lucia for teaching us all so much about life and death.

Thank you for being so damn cute that all four of us stopped, went quiet and watched your intriguing little imagination go wild as you created some amazing story with the waves and rocks this afternoon. We all couldn’t take our eyes off you and we each smiled knowingly at one another understanding how special you are to us. How you complete our family.

Enjoy tomorrow and all these new experiences of being five and fabulous.

Love and kisses, your Mummy xxxx

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