Day Twenty Three: Sounds, Seasons & Scents

IMG_2665.JPG Sounds, seasons and scents

When Spring time rolls around and I smell the sweet scent of flowers emerging I start to prepare for the lead up to their birthday. That the Lisianthus flowers will be in the florists with their beautiful drooping buds. The excitement of another new year for Lucia and the devastation that another year has passed without her.

We have those really annoying Plover birds nesting in our property. This reminds me of my twins. When I was pregnant there was a vacant block of land across the road from us. Now my dear friend lives in the beautiful home they built.

On that block of land in October 2012 a Plover bird made her nest (not that there’s much to it) and laid two eggs. She squealed  if anyone or anything came near her and her mate would fly in to move you away.

In the beginning of November it started to rain. It rained and rained and rained. I remember we stood upstairs in one of our bedrooms watching her determined to stay on her nest and protect her babies.

Eventually the rain stopped but her nest had been flooded. One day we woke to the pair of adult Plovers with one baby Plover. She sat back on her nest for a few days but her other egg never hatched. They stayed around for a few weeks and she kept checking. I remember feeling so sad for her.

Two weeks later I experienced the same devastation as that bird.

So, as much as those birds can be dangerous and irritating as they fly with their scary clawed wings towards us as we mow our lawns, I also have a little soft spot for them.

And then when Summer arrives I take a really big breath in and out and know we’ve got through another year and we are still standing and still smiling.


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