Day 18 – Healing Therapies

img_7438 Healing Therapies

This picture was taken by my beautiful son as we watched the sunrise over Ballina from the North Wall on the first day of this project.

One of my most favourite and healing things to do is to sit quietly early in the morning and absorb nature. On this particular morning the air was fresh but as the sun came up it warmed you from the outside right into your soul.

There was a huge pod of dolphins right under the sunrise and you could hear the gentle swish of the water as they emerged.

We were lucky enough to see around twenty whales making their migration south and watching those water spouts emerge made me smile every single time.

We moved to the country for balance. Sometimes we are really successful at balance and others not so much.

Today I finished work at 4.15pm. As I was sitting at the dining table drinking my tea, watching our ducks and chickens come for a walk to the back for the children started to tell my husband and I about their days. We told them to hold their thoughts and we’d walk outside together and hear about their day.

The littlest one started squeaking ‘Quick get your boots, we are going for a family walk’. Such a little thing that means such a huge amount to our little people. I couldn’t stop smiling as my little people held my hand and chattered about their day.

The most important healing therapy I have found on my grief journey is yoga. I love nothing more than to take off my shoes, roll out my mat and wait for our beautiful yoga teacher to tell us the day’s affirmation and start the class in her soothing voice. She always introduces the class as ‘Welcome to your time’.

I wish I could do yoga everyday but I love her classes and getting to them everyday is not so practical.

Yoga teaches me to take a breath, challenge my body, calm my mind and admire what’s right in front of me. It is the one thing that keeps my body in check when my mind wants to race around and get overstimulated.

I heard yesterday that our neighbours three year old grandson lost his battle with cancer. My heart hurts for this family. For this brave little boy who basically fought his entire life.

I ask each of you to please light a candle one night this week for this heartbroken family.


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