Day Eleven: Creative Heartwork


Creative Heartwork

This is a picture that creates the most intense feelings whenever I look at it (and I look at it often). This is my first hold of Lucia when she was ten days old. Eight days after her soulmate left us.

I was heartbroken after losing Charlize, and holding Lucia made me break even harder. I wanted to hold on to her forever and not put her back in the big plastic box. I want to fill her with all the love I felt for her. I wanted her to know every detail that I remembered and I wanted her to know all about Charlize.

A few years ago I started my ‘creative heartwork’, I started writing a book, our story. I’m saddened to say that I promised myself, Charlize and my husband that I would have it finished by the twins fifth birthday but, but ….. well I got stuck.

I’m at a place in the book that is quite difficult to relive and also life got in the way.

Raising three adorable active children.

Maintaining our beautiful property.

Feeding and loving a mini farm filled with animals.


Starting a brand new business from nothing, building it to full capacity in only three months and maintaining it.

Having a husband who travels interstate more often than not.

Well that’s our relaxed country life and we love it and finding time to write this beautiful story of our family has been saved to my desktop, in the hope every day I look at my computer I’ll find the strength, motivation and time to give it the love it deserves.

Charlize’s creative heartwork will be completed. I just don’t know when.

In the meantime, my adoring husband has mapped out construction of a ‘Charlize Garden’ at the top of our hill. I cannot wait to be able to sit in that gorgeous spot and think of my beautiful angel and watch the butterflies multiply in her garden.


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