Day Ten: Symbols & Signs


Symbols & Signs

About a week or so after Charlize died, my Dad called me one afternoon. He told me that he was working at this property and for a good half an hour a butterfly followed him everywhere he went. At one point he stopped and just admired it and it came so close to him it’s wings actually fluttered against his cheek. He told me that at that moment he said “Hello Charlize, Grandpa loves you”.

From that point on, we knew Charlize would show herself to us always as a butterfly.

We have had so many encounters with them now that it just seems to be part of our everyday life.

This picture was taken around two years ago. Saxon and I flew up to the Northern Rivers for three days with the only goal in mind, to buy a house. We had decided after we lost Charlize that we no longer wanted to just exist but to live every moment to it’s fullest.

We felt that our life in Sydney was preventing us from doing this, so after a few years planning and exploring many areas we settled on the Northern Rivers.

On this particular weekend we saw around twenty different properties. Right as we were about to give up we were shown two lovely homes. One Saxon loved, the other I REALLY loved.

We went to breakfast on the Sunday morning in Ballina at Lighthouse Beach Café and then walked up the path and sat on a bench looking out at the ocean. The bench we sat on had this plaque on it. We knew at that moment that we were making the best decision for our families future and that Charlize agreed.

So, here we are two years on in our new life that feels like the absolutely best decision we ever made and we are surrounded by butterflies.

Lucia makes a point everyday to walk outside (she actually spends about 90% of her life outside, I have to drag her inside) and she will explore and without even realising Charlize will be fluttering her wings next to her.

I am often walking behind her, I’ll notice a butterfly near her and without even a glance, as if she senses her presence she says “Hi Charlize, what are we going to do today?”.

I feel that our butterfly gives our children an element of peace in their lives and I’m always secretly delighted when she flutters her wings so close to me.

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