Day 8: Beautiful Mystery

Day 7: Memory A Beautiful Mystery.

Darling Charlize,

Today it calls for my thoughts of what life would be like if you were here with us.

I look at this picture often and wish I had one for every year that passes and Lucia grows older to capture the essence of you.

I am beyond thankful that you girls are identical and when I look into her face and see deep into her eyes, I see you.

I watch my beautiful neighbours who are gorgeous identical twins and I see their special bond and I know you and Lucia would’ve had that same bond.

When Lucia sings and dances at the top of her voice for hours on end, I wonder if you’d be gentle and quiet.

When Lucia is begging me to read her yet another bedtime story I imagine you sitting on the opposite side to her requesting the same.

When Lucia walks into preschool excited and apprehensive, I imagine you holding her hand and skipping into a day of fun no longer concerned where Mummy is.

When Lucia cries that the big kids don’t want to play with her and she’s so lonely, I imagine the two of you playing and conspiring together.

When Lucia runs outside with gumboots on a mission to collect the chickens eggs, I imagine you running together in matching gumboots holding an egg each with such delight on your faces.

When Lucia requests ‘Mummy Kisses’ and fills me with warmth from her loving embrace, I imagine your arms squeezing me too and the theee of us laughing, cuddling, kissing and filled with love.

I imagine you here with us every day.

I know you’re in the rustle of the leaves in the trees.

I know you’re in the suns shining rays.

I know you’re in the moons vibrance.

I know you’re the butterfly who nearly touched my face earlier today.

I know you’re there and I love finding the beautiful surprises in nature that you bring us.

I want you to know darling girl, you’re the reason my heart beats louder so you can hear my love wherever you are.

Lots of Love your Mumma



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