Day Four: Support Circles

imageDay Four: Support Circles

The day after we lost her, a beautiful social worker came to visit us.

She gave us this teddy bear from the wonderful organisation called ‘Bears of Hope’.

We made sure each of our children received a bear and ‘The Charlize Bear’ is treated like no other in our home. They often make an appearance every year in our Santa photo.

When you least expect it, you’ll see one of the children asleep at night with their Charlize bear entwined in them.

No friend or family member is allowed to touch their Charlize bear and she is rapidly placed up high if they feel she is threatened.

These bears have given great comfort to our family and will continue to comfort many other families suffering the loss of their own child.

A few years ago we were lucky enough to take twenty of our closest friends and family to the Bears of Hope Ball. In so many ways that night honoured our baby girl and we could openly celebrate her.

Today, I gave thanks to a wonderful organisation who does an exceptional job of supporting families like our own.


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