Day Two: Who Are They?


Day Two: Who Are They?

This is a photo I took a long time ago which breaks my heart and I love all at the same time.

A photo of a beautiful baby sleeping.

A photo of an identical twin with a vacant space always next to her.

This is Lucia.

She is one half of an egg that perfectly split and became our beautiful twins.

Who is she?

Her name is Charlize Ersilia Stephens.

She was born on the 14th November 2011 closely followed 90 seconds later by Lucia Vera Stephens.

She weighed 749grams.

She had the chocolate coloured eyes that pierced my heart with overwhelming love when she opened them.

She cried.

She wriggled.

She breathed.

She fought hard with every ounce of strength her tiny body would give.

She lived for 27 weeks in my belly.

She lived for 32 hours outside of my belly.

She should be here now.

But she isn’t.

She died on the 15th November 2011 at 10.55pm.

Instead, all five of our hearts are broken with the pain and vacant space she left in our lives.

She is a sister,

a cousin,

a neice,

a grandchild,

a great-grandchild,

and most importantly she is our daughter.


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