Sleeping with my bebe’

imageMy dear husband is interstate working for a longer than usual stint. This time he’s away fourteen days.

Although I miss him deeply I thoroughly look forward to sprawling my body out and getting the bed all to myself.

Last night I had a late meeting and after a cup of tea and thank you to our wonderful neighbour for looking after the kids I could think of nothing more than sinking my exhausted body into those clean warm flanelette sheets and thick warm quilt.

I walked into my bedroom and found my little Chi Chi fast asleep on my side of the bed. My heart kind of sunk and then I smiled because I’m sure in the not too distant future there will be a time when she wont want to sleep in my bed.

She slept perfectly vertical on the left side of the bed. I turned off the lamp and gently slid my body into the bed. So gently the bed didn’t even move. Instantaneously her little body sensed my presence and her two feet were cushioned into the base of my back.

I lay there thinking how amazing it was that she knew I was there and just like that she took a deep breath, sighed and turned her body into a horizontal position across my body. For anyone standing above us, we would’ve looked like a perfect ‘t’.

Her little hands found mine and she entwined them in hers.

As uncomfortable as this was the words of her sleep specialist whispered in my head:

“Christine, your daughter has been through immense trauma. You have ticked every box in the sleep specialist book and tried every suggestion.

Lucia sees and feels you as her security. Without you she would not be the little person she is today. If she needs to sleep with you, touch you, be entwined in you then let her do this in anyway that enables you to sleep too.

Just remember two things, in the womb she had her twin, always touching, always entwined, always she had someone; and one day whenever that day comes because of your help she will be able to sleep alone and be a confident young woman.”

So, I managed to turn her body into a more comfortable position and she placed both her hands over both my cheeks, gave me a huge big kiss, told me she loved me and then turned over with her body curled in mine and went to sleep … The whole entire night … Without waking!!

I may have had water coming out of my eyes and I may have laid awake for a very long time thinking how blessed and thankful I am …….

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