The Strength of Happiness


It has been a long break between posts. I decided to stop writing for numerous reasons but the more time that pas, the more I wanted to write.

Today a dear friend who now lives in another country, asked me if I was going to write again …. so here I am. Thanks Sally!

Yesterday was a bit of a special day and the perfect topic to talk about. We had parent – teacher interviews for Orlando and Indiana. This year Orlando is in a class that he interviewed for and we as his parents put in a submission for reasons we thought would benefit him greatly. This class is a composite 3/4. He is Year 4. It is called the ‘Enrichment Class’, a class that is focussed around project based learning and a very open plan learning environment. I think it’s the way of the future for learning and he is thriving in this environment.

He was asked to be part of the Parent/Teacher interview and when we all arrived his delightful teacher asked him to write in the two boxes provided. The first one he had to list his strengths and the second one was to list his weaknesses.

Orlando wrote his first strength as HAPPINESS!!

To be honest I was speechless. I was expecting him to write that he is good at maths, a good reader, excellent at minecraft, etc but I was not expecting a feeling as a strength. His teacher was even surprised and equally delighted at the strength of his self-worth and told him so.

It made me think that even as an adult I doubt I would ever write happiness as one of my strengths. I’d write organised, excellent baker, wonderful mother, etc but without having happiness then everything is quite dull and also can be quite a challenge.

This is from a nine year old boy who struggles daily with anxiety. Always making sure he is doing things “the right way”. I looked at him with tears welling in my eyes and I gave him a hug. I told him that reading those beautiful words on his page made me happy to be his mother and that as a family we were clearly doing something right.

So, today I decided to go back to my happy place, my strength, my writing and share this proud parent moment with you. There have been weeks recently when my husband was away and I really thought I was failing as a parent and here we are today and I couldn’t be more delighted.

I look forward to sharing our life with you a little more these days.

With love and HAPPINESS,

Christine xxx

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