Every Mum Has to Watch This

Four years ago today I had an ultrasound which showed my beautiful twins were measuring at near identical weights, that my belly was measuring seven weeks ahead in size. It was a good news day. My babies were doing what they should be.

Later that day we went out with friends for a picnic in the park for dinner and Miss Indiana at nineteen months stood up and took her first three steps.

I also happened to share this video on my Facebook page….


This video shows us how hard we are on ourselves. I am now living my dream. No longer working full time I’m finally working casually (or when I want to say yes), I get to stay home with my babies and enjoy them on a different level to when I worked long hours in Sydney. I still worry I’m not doing enough, spending enough one on one time, teaching them enough, loving them enough.

This video is beautiful and real. I wish everyday I had more patience and that I don’t get so exhausted by being wanted all the time but I’m so lucky.

This is what my little people said to me today:

Tonight at bedtime my big boy said ‘Thanks for feeding us all the best dinners every night Mummy. We really love you.’

I may have shed a tear.

My big girl said ‘Read me another story please Mummy cause I love snuggling with you on my bed and reading stories.’

I may have read a few more stories and enjoyed extra long snuggles whilst we listened to the rain.

My littlest girl said ‘I just miss you so much when you’re not near me Mummy. You should sleep in my bed tonight so I don’t miss you when I’m sleeping.’

I have considered her invitation as she will wander in and wake me when she realises I’m not with her sometime between 11pm and 1am like every other night. But my heart still melted.

Enjoy the video and know your little people treasure you as much as you do them xxx


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