13 Days of Super Chi Chi

From out of nowhere it’s now only thirteen sleeps till Super Chi Chi turns four.

She started out at a very tiny 802 grams and at her smallest she dropped to somewhere around the 770 gram mark. It took her a good four weeks to finally reach one kilo and let me tell you that felt like forever.

This year has been a tough one medically for Lucia, as she has been constantly put through the wringer with four hospital admissions this year.

In August, right before she got wheeled into surgery, the nurses weighed her and we could not believe she weighed in at 12.1kgs. She had been sitting at 11.5 kgs for so long I thought she’d never get there. We were told to expect a substantial weight loss post surgery which was quite obvious and then she would start gaining nicely.

Last week our amazing little girl weighed in at 12.6kgs.  She has finally moved into size two clothes as it is clear she has had a fabulous growth spurt. Her weight has been a constant challenge but from the moment she was in my arms at home j refused to let it rule out life. She has steadily moved up the line which is not even on the weight graph. The important thing is that she continued on the same line rather than dropping continuously.

Regardless of how little she is we have seen her personality shine and her creativity nurtured from her love of preschool. Lucia’s bests friends at preschool are all her teachers. In particular, Jan. Jan knows and understands and loves our Lucia so much that I walk out those gates twice a week knowing that Jan will ensure Lucia thrives, and that she does. She interacts, plays, sings, dances, crafts to her hearts content and when I walk in the door to collect her she raises her eyes to mine, smiles her delicious Chi Chi smile and then continues whatever important conversation she is having with Jan. It takes me a good ten minutes to get her out of preschool.

After her tumultuous start in life I only remember focussing on getting Lucia home. I hardly ever recall thinking about the day she would be big enough to go to preschool and that time snuck up on us quicker than I ever anticipated.

We often sit back and laugh at how well she can hold her own and how proud we are of how far she has come.

I look forward to enjoying the next two weeks of having a three year old in our home.

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