Self Portrait – Day 27

Self Portrait - Day 27
Self Portrait – Day 27

This is me sitting on my swing under my fabulous tree with my cup of tea in hand.

My mug has pictures of farm animals all over it and was a gift to Lucia from a dear friend last year. It’s my favourite mug to drink my tea out of.

I love that my self portrait is exactly who I am and feel. I am tired, it has been a long day. Actually long week, month and year.

I have bags under my eyes from the exhaustion I was feeling on this particular day.

My hair is crazy in the wind. It’s not uncommon for me to not bother doing my hair. You are in luck if you see my face with make up.

I am a different me to the me this time last year. I have grown and I have settled.

I am in a new home, a new town, a new everything. I have new friends, new colleagues, new preschool friends, new big school friends, new gymnastics friends, new piano friends, new swimming friends, new soccer friends, new neighbours. I am lucky enough now to be able to go to my local shops or cafe and run into someone I know for a chat. This warms my heart.

I seem to never learn to give so much of myself away. But this is just clearly me. I am learning to no longer be sad about friends who I spent so much time with in our past hometown who now can’t find even five minutes in their year to pick up the phone and say hello. I am hoping to learn this lesson very soon but I am an open book and love my friendships and feel sad when they aren’t reciprocated. This is me.

I still have fear. I still have anxiety. I still grieve. But now I am adventurous and will try anything. I have learnt to not overthink things (I hope so anyway). I will always grieve but I am happy.

I still love to bake scones on a cold day and enjoy them with a cup of tea. I still love to curl up on the lounge and read a good book. I still love to get out my crochet hook and make something warm and cosy.

I am still me. Just a forever-changing me. Xx

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