Reach Out – Day 28

Reaching Out
Reaching Out

I met a lovely older lady through my work. After getting to know her I found out she loves to crochet. The next time she came into work I gave her a new set of crochet hooks. She was overcome with emotion.

Some months later she visited my work and left a gift for me. She crocheted three absolutely gorgeous little angels for each of my children.

I called her. This time I was overcome with emotion. We decided to meet for a coffee at her home.

On this day last week the girls joined me and insisted we take her a huge bunch of sunflowers.

My girls had never met this lady before and when she opened her front door they both presented her with a cuddle and the bunch of sunflowers.

We had tea and cake together and she gave me an additional three crochet Angels for our Christmas Tree. She wanted to ensure I had enough angels for my whole family including Charlize.

This dear old lady wants us to visit regularly and in the months since I’ve met her I love seeing her and listening to her stories and learning more crochet stitches.

I love that my own children enjoy doing generous things for people.

When we left her house she had made such an impression on my girls that she was given a big kiss and cuddle and they promised that they would visit again very soon.

This is reaching out, to people in our community who may be lonely, sad, less fortunate or just looking for someone to share their stories with.

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