Day 11 – Glow In The Woods

Day 11 - Glow In The Woods
Day 11 – Glow In The Woods

My ‘Glow In The Woods’ or resource that helped me heal was quite unexpected and something that surprised even my husband.

Just after Charlize’s second birthday and anniversary I finally worked up the courage to invite a medium over to our home to see me.

I had no idea what to expect and was overwhelmed with love and emotion after the few hours she spent with me.

On this day, because of Alana and her connecting with Charlize I began to heal. I also began to slow down my life at Charlize’s request so I could see and feel her signs. Since doing so she shows herself to us often.

I am forever grateful for Alana’s special abilities that enabled to me to lose the guilt over losing my baby girl and now I get to see all those little things much more closely. Just like this adorable photo I captured of Lucia some months ago at our favourite beach.

With love and strength xx

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