Day Eight: Wishlist

Day Eight - Wishlist
Day Eight – Wishlist

Over the years on this journey of grief I have had may wishes.

I will always wish for one more cuddle, one more kiss, one more minute, one more hour, a single moment with my baby girl.

I will always wish that her journey of life and death weren’t so brief.

I will always wish that the disease of Twin to Twin Transfusion didn’t cause my babies to be born thirteen weeks early.

I will always wish this was a dream and one day I’ll be woken up.

I realised some time ago that I was not only grieving for Charlize but for Lucia. In an instant her life changed too. I have grieved for the years it has taken for Lucia’s health to be better. I have grieved for her awfully tough start to life. For all the challenges she has already faced and the ones she will face in the future.

But, these two little girls, Charlize and Lucia have taught me to wish for a life filled with laughter, with love, with a solid faith.

These two little girls made me wish for a life that was slower, gentler, more nurturing.

These two little girls helped make that wish come true.

For my journey of grief I wish that it will help others realise that where there is a dark night sky, there is also a sky alight with twinkling stars.

For my family who have endured more than their fair share, I wish for our life to continue along this new country horizon and to form a love and bond with the land that is as deep as their souls.

I wish for them to be forever surrounded by loving and nurturing people who challenge their little brains and embrace their little hearts.

I wish for them to be the best little people they can be and that they will always know what path will lead them home.

I wish for them to know that they are the reason my heart skips a beat when I see their beautiful faces, that they taught me to be the best human I can be for them.

My final wish is for them to look at a view like my picture today, which is of Byron Bay, and be filled with the same amount of joy that I experienced because of the beauty of nature and know how lucky we are that today we woke up.

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