Day Seven: Memory

Day 7: MemoryThis picture was taken at Hamilton Island when Lucia was thirteen months old. Our whole family stood around initially smiling at the joy on her face when she thought she found Charlize and then the sadness hit when we all saw her face drop at the realisation it was her reflection.

Since losing Charlize, we have constantly spoken about Charlize and of course we should as she is a huge part of our family.

Last week we had four of our sons friends over for a day of fun. We put on the BBQ and served sausages on bread for lunch. The five boys were sitting at the dining table and Lucia was sitting opposite them chatting and enjoying the attention when she launched into this conversation…..

‘So boys, did you know that I’m a twin? My twin sister is Charlize. We were in Mummy’s tummy together and when we were born we were tiny. We were very sick. One day Charlize got a bad germ. The doctors tried to save her but she was just too sick. So, she died. After she died she turned into a beautiful butterfly and she comes to visit us all the time.’

My husband and I stopped eating and eyes open wide  watched the reaction of five little nine year old boys. They too stopped eating and were listening intently to her. Nearly in unison they said ‘That’s so sad Lucia, we are glad you are ok’

I noticed our beautiful boy smiling at his little sister proudly as she has never told this story before.

I was so overcome with love I had to leave the room. Our nearly four year old survivor had just told her story and I was so proud of her.

Today, the first bunch of Lisianthus for the season, (a beautiful purple bunch – Lucia’s favourite colour), sit proudly next to Charlize’s photo of her tiny feet.

Those tiny feet have had the most enormous impact on all our delicate hearts.

With love xx

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