Day Six – Books

Day Six: Books
Day Six: Books

After losing Charlize and the battle to get Lucia home I didn’t read at all for about a year. I am a pretty avid reader, this year alone I’ve read around 80 books but when I am stressed, emotional and anxious I can’t sit still so I can’t read.

Its a vicious circle considering reading thoroughly relaxes me and allows my mind to go into another world.

Eventually my mind craves the solace of reading and I usually start with something that doesn’t challenge my mind and then work up to deeper books.

A few years ago I became a very big fan of the kindle, but I equally love to hold and smell a real book in my hands.

On my bedside table today I have four books;

Our Children Live on is a new book I’m reading about grieving parents.

Yates Garden Guide – I’m sure you’re all laughing but I refer to this probably daily at the moment to help plan our epic vegetable garden or for assistance in removing a bug from one of my beautiful roses or fruit trees. Gardening is a great love of mine.

Gods Little Wonders was given to me from my Mum and I love re-reading beautiful stories about children and how the simplest things make them smile. It usually re-energises me after a rough day.

The Bible – was given to me by our beautiful neighbours when I started a new journey to re-discover my faith. I try and read a page every night. As my children have become very interested in bible stories I will often refer to this brilliant study bible for extra information.

The real book I’m reading at the moment is of course on my kindle. I’m reading The Goldfinch. It won a Pulitzer and I’m absolutely loving it. Can’t wait to see how it ends.

Books are a huge part of our family life. When Lucia was a week old I started bringing in picture books and reading to her twice a day. She just adores books and will quite happily sit quietly on my lap for close to an hour reading book after book.

Everynight the girls choose two books each for us to read to them and Orlando does a minimum of thirty minutes (he is like me and would stay up all night reading if I let him).

I am deeply grateful for books, without them my head and my heart would’ve had a much harder time healing.

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