A Pink Angel Play Doh Person

A pink angel play doh person made me smile and cry all at the same time.

I sometimes wake up and feel motivated to create amazing activities to keep my children amused.

This week I made pink play doh. I got them feathers, beads, stones and shells to be as creative as they like with their play doh.

I ventured off to do the washing, feed the chooks, save a bunny from the jaws of our Fluffy cat, bottle feed our baby goats and get some scones made whilst my girls created.

Indiana was beyond excited to show me her work. Her eyes sparkled, her face alight with energy and enthusiasm and on her art tray was an angel.

‘Mummy, I made Charlize.’

‘Wow, she’s beautiful and she even has wings’

‘Of course she has wings she’s our angel. Do you think she’ll like it?’

‘Yes darling, she will love it.’

Nowhere in the past few days had we even said Charlizes name. Indiana was only eighteen months old when her baby twin sisters were born.

I found myself staring longingly at our Charlize play doh person and smiling. Somehow, I have managed to ensure our children think of Charlize as often as I do.

They see butterflies before I do.

They see twins before I do.

They imagine her better than I do.

And they love her as much as I do.

After our play doh angel was made a conversation between the two girls commenced about what she would look like.

L: What do you think she really looks like in Heaven?

I: Chia, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. She’s your twin silly she would look exactly like you.

L: Wow!!image

I simply couldn’t resist walking outside to laugh and cry at the same time.

If she was here on earth with us, I wonder what sort of play doh creations my three little girls would’ve made for me?


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