And so she can sleep

imageIt’s been a long tough ride for our littlest person and sadly her tough ride started when she was fighting for survival in utero.

She is now two months off turning four and in all that time she has never slept a single night without gasping for air – literally. The surgeons told us that her sleep studies were not accurate in that her little body would’ve repeatedly stopped breathing when she relentlessly tried to sleep more times than we care to know.

Doctors, Tresillian (twice), Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sleep specialists, constant people telling us how to get her to sleep. Nothing worked.

However terrified we were about her surgery we knew that it was the best thing to do for her little body as her heart was under undue stress and her whole body was affected.

Today marks our fourth or fifth night in a row that I have put her to bed at 6.15pm in her own bed and she has slept until 6.30am the following morning. This is a miracle!!

This morning I was woken to sparkling hazel eyes and the most delightful smile in my face ‘Good morning Mummy, it’s day time and I slept in my bed all night. My tummy is telling me it’s very hungry. Can you get up’

Not only is this beautiful child well rested but her body is now hungry. I used to cringe every morning when I made constant suggestions for breakfast and she never ate. Today she requested two pieces of toast, pecan nuts and her milk followed by a banana. I nearly fell over in delightful shock.

At preschool today for the first time ever she felt it time to no longer be an observer but participated in every activity possible, socialised, chatted constantly and generally had an absolute ball. To see her preschool teachers delight in her new enthusiasm brought tears to my eyes.

It’s amazing to see how much a good nights sleep can change someone’s life.

With hopefully only a few more hurdles to jump over this little girl is on her way to living a life full of excitement and new adventures.

Thank you so very much to everyone who had prayed for us and sent their love and support which has been constant over the past four years.

We love you to the ends of the rainbow and with all the butterflies in the world Super Chi Chi xxxx

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