Out of the mouths of babes


Today we were driving to a friends house, we had never been to their home before. Our friends moved to the country from Sydney just like us, so began the questions.

Where did they live in Sydney?

How many acres is their backyard?

How long have they lived in the country?

What animals do they have?

Were they born in the country like us or in Sydney?

It’s funny how two littles girls whole world now revolves around the country. I corrected them and reminded them they were all born in Sydney.

The littlest babe chimed in with ‘Was Charlize born in Sydney or the country?’

Well baby girl you were twins so you both came out of my tummy on the same day and that was in Sydney before we moved to the country.

She seemed to quietly absorb this information before I was given this summary by a very wise nearly four year old.

‘Mummy, Charlize was littler than me and then she got really, really, really sick. I wasn’t sick like her. The germs got in her body and the Drs couldn’t save her because she was already turning into a beautiful butterfly for us in Heaven.’

It was my turn to quietly absorb this information, this memory.

Then with a huge smile on her face she says ‘We are so lucky she turned into a butterfly Mummy. She changes into different colours all the time and we get to see how beautiful she is every day’

Bless, this babe has a way of getting me every time.

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