It’s the Little Things

When we lived in Sydney we were quite close to the beach. On my morning run I would always run around the lake, through the caravan park, across the bridge and get to the beach just in time to watch the sunrise. It was my favourite way to start the day. I would sit on my favourite bench seat and admire nature.

Over the years I’ve noticed how much I appreciate the beauty around us. I truly believe it’s come from imagebeing in the darkest of places, a grief so raw and deep that seeing the sunshine on the other side is even more beautiful than it was before.

Searching for pebbles
Searching for pebbles

Now we live in the country but the beach is still only twenty minutes from our home. I love driving on our country roads, passing rolling hills with cows grazing, chickens pecking and the vastness of the land ahead. All of a sudden you see the ocean and its beauty.


Today I took the children to the beach. We had a tough week and ever since that Drs appointment I have been scared. I needed to do something that makes me smile and enjoy.

We got to the beach and the delight in their faces was so joyful. The ran, they skipped, they giggled and they admired.

I’ve always known it’s the little things that make my heart swell since losing Charlize but today those little things were everywhere.

imageThey found tiny crab holes where the crabs had rolled up tiny balls of sand and they were fascinated. The three of the squatted on the sand waiting patiently for the crab to emerge out of his hole once again. They always gave up a little too soon which made me laugh.

Orlando continued to explore the beach looking for crab holes.

Indiana danced around the beach with her crazy beautiful hair flying in the wind and her tutu spinning with delight every time she created a new dance move.

Lucia wandered the beach finding her Daddy that very special shiny pebble and the most perfect seashell. Her little eyes glowed with wonder every time she found a new magical pebble.

I sat on the sand and watched. I took photos of these beautiful moments and I continued to smile. Seeing them relaxed and happy doing the simplest of things is exactly what it’s all about.


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