Where our feet took us today

Last Thursday started our first bout of illness in three months. Our new surroundings and fresh country air have clearly helped keep my cherubs healthy. The littlest person started a chain effect of high temps, coughing, asthma and general unwell.

After nine days of it I was relieved to have my hubby home to help. We spent the weekend exploring our new ‘village’. On Saturday we were lucky enough to spend the late afternoon and early evening at a market called ‘Eat the Streets’. The food was fabulous as was the entertainment and fun for the children.

Look where my feet took me today
Look where my feet took me today

We met up with our beautiful friends, one of whom surprised us with her homecoming from university. The kids, as well as me were delighted to have her for the weekend.After ‘Eat the Streets’ we spent the evening with our friends eating cheese and drinking wine and playing the most frustrating board game ever. I laughed so hard I hurt.

This morning we felt the children needed some sunshine and since we hadn’t really been to the beach since we left Sydney in December (well I did secretly), we decided to find what all the locals raved about and visit our local beach.

Discovering nature
Discovering nature
My family
My family

Patches Beach is a little touch of paradise tucked away amongst sugar cane fields. We set out on our usual long windy country roads and very soon we were surrounded by sugar cane fields, so many of them. How could there be a beach here. We found the car park but I sent hubby to see if it was worth getting the kids out for. He came back to the car and said ‘That has to be one of the most stunning beaches I’ve ever seen’.

Gorgeous Patches Beach
Gorgeous Patches Beach

We unloaded and followed the short track to the beach where 4WD’s were driving past us on the beach. I could not believe my eyes, this place was stunning.

I wish I had been quick enough to turn the camera on the children’s little faces which instantly lit up with excitement. Before we knew it they were running around finding rocks and shells and discovering cicadas, dragonflies and jelly blubbers who were stranded on the sans. The tutus came off and swimmers went on and after a slip, slop, slap my beautiful family was mesmerised enjoying our new local beach.

Even more exciting is its a dog beach so our new puppy, Cupcake will be joining us next time.

After a good dose of sun and sand we headed home tired and smiling.

We feel forever in love with our new paradise, a great way to start the new week and look forward to our next adventure.


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