The First Few Weeks in the country

image2We have had quite a sudden learning curve to life in the country. Only a few days before Christmas we all finally moved into our home. The kids seemed to settle in well and hubby and I just kept smiling at the excitement of finally living here.

On Christmas Eve we had a visit from our neighbours who came over with hands filled with food gifts of lots of yummy treats to welcome us. They gave us their contact numbers and told us to call if we needed anything.  Our new neighbours told us they had four children all teenagers, two boys and two girls. What are the chances their girls are identical twins? A few years ago that probably would’ve made me cry but I smiled and thought we were meant to move here.

Around 1.30am on Christmas morning we were woken to a loud groaning noise only to discover it was our water pump. Saxon found a torch and switched it off but discovered we had no water coming from our taps. We were lucky enough to get the water pump man out to replace our pump with a temporary one but we then discovered two of our water tanks were bone dry. We could not understand why when it had rained for a solid week. Thankfully we have four tanks on the property and the other two were filled to the brim. We later realised the drain at the top of the tanks was full of debris unable to let water in. In the pouring rain on Christmas night we were both out on a ladder scooping debris out so the tanks could be filled with the rain.

In the country you can’t just turn the tap on and expect water to flow, it is precious here.

A few days after Christmas my family arrived and we were so excited to have a surprise visit from my sister and my beautiful niece as well as my parents.

The day after they arrived my Dad was boiling the kettle on the stove when it just stopped. I rolled my eyes in desperation and realised that we had clearly run out of gas. Thankfully we had two gas bottle. I asked Saxon to go out and swap the bottles over and yes we had two empty bottles.

In the country you can’t just turn on your stove and expect gas to light it, you need to ensure your bottles are replaced when they’re empty.

We’ve now all learnt how to use our new ride-on mower and my Dad was delighted to sit on it and do our lawns that were very overgrown from all the rain we have had.

My Mum and I got stuck into the back garden and cleared our very first vegie garden. On Saturday we decided to head to Bunnings and get some seedlings. I thought we should first go into town and get ourselves a nice coffee and check out the local Farmers Market. We were delighted to find a few stall holders who sold herbs and vegie seedlings. The children helped plant our new garden and are vey proud of it.

Today our beautiful son got invited to the neighbours house to learn how to ride a motorbike. At eight years old he was very excited. I thought for sure he would back out and it would possibly end in tears. Instead he was given instructions by our neighbour on what to do and before we knew it he was “hooning” around their property on the pee wee.

In the country all the kids learn how to ride motorbikes and now my little darlings are no exception and I’m delighted. When’s my turn?

Every day we are learning more and more about our own property and how things work out here. The retail conveniences in Sydney are not an option out here. Most shops close at midday on Saturday and don’t re-open again till Monday morning. I am learning to be even more organised than I was, but more importantly I am learning to slow down and to enjoy everything around me.

Yesterday we watched in delight after we spray painted a full soccer field in the freshly mowed lawn for the kids. Orlando couldn’t get out there fast enough and the girls closely followed playing soccer in their tutu’s and gumboots.

Daddy and Orlando painting the soccer field
Daddy and Orlando painting the soccer field

Every evening I sit on our front verandah with a cup of tea in hand and admire our gorgeous property and all I keep thinking is that I’m glad we decided to make this change.

In the country I’m enjoying my new life xx

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