Moving to the Country

It has been quite sometime since I’ve posted a blog and so much has happened. Somewhere in the past year I found myself able to walk out of the cloud of fog which was my grief and realise that I had a life to live in full.

You may remember a year after the twins were born our family packed up and went camping up the East Coast. Our goal of that journey was to find a new place to live our lives. We had to be close to the beach, have a few acres and of course be close to good hospitals.

In July this year we finally decided that we were ready to move so started gettinimageg our lives in shape for our new adventure. We agreed that we all loved the North Coast and being close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast would be good for medical treatment should it be required.

In November we headed up the Coast for a weekend to look at properties and after looking at about ten properties we fell in love with a one that we had originally not really wanted to see. Set on three and a half acres with a large four bedroom home I was sold.

Our Sydney home was listed and sold within 48 hours for a record price. We were elated. We brought Orlando up to have a tour of his new school and drove past our new house. We were concerned that it would be a hard transition for him as he is now eight and didn’t want to move. Both the girls are ages four and three and were very excited about our move.

Finally the day came to leave our Sydney home. The big trucks arrived, to collect our containers filled with our whole life in them, and transport them eleven hours away to our new home. Saxon and I left the children in Sydney with my parents and flew up to our new home to move in.

On our first night in our new home we were surprised to meet three huntsman spiders and a frog who all thought they lived inside.

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