A big hug


The sun was shining so brightly this morning and life felt warm and happy.

I enjoyed a brisk walk with our new puppy, I got to eat breakfast slowly with my children and I even got to take my son to school before I headed in late to work.

I saw one of my friends at the school drop off with her beautiful baby boy. When I said good morning to her I didn’t expect the day to change so suddenly.

Her baby is sick, not sick that you can see, but sick that is serious and shouldn’t happen to a baby.

I watched her face crumple when she told me, her shoulders slumped, her heart was aching. It wasn’t fair, it isn’t fair. 

This fabulous friend of mine woke up yesterday and her life was as it has been since her little man arrived, busy, three beautiful children, filled with love and then so suddenly her life changed.

I feel her pain, all I could say to her was it’s not fair, it’s okay to let it out, it’s okay to do anything you need to do to get through that moment, that hour, that day, that week.

Today she embarks on a journey that will be tough, but it is required to make her little man well again. 

Today she will realise that she has an inner strength that she never knew existed, she will realise her little man is a miracle, she will realise that she is surrounded by friends and family who will love, support and nurture their family as long as they need us.

Today I ask all my followers to keep my dear friend and her little man in your thoughts, in your prayers and remember that every single moment of every day we are surrounded by miracles.

I ask that today you look around and you remember to tell those around you that they are loved and give your children a really big hug.

Sending love and strength to you my darling xxxxxx

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