My Fabulous Mother x

ImageLate last year when my son was in kindergarten, the whole year was given a task to write a two minute speech about their hero. My son wrote about his baby sister.

One of his best friends wrote about his Dad and our whole family has heard the recital many times;

“Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No, it’s Super Dad”

Recently I was going through the videos on my iphone and came across one that my son had created. Using his mates speech he filmed himself talking about his hero, who of course was Daddy. It was quite adorable to say the least. 

Last week the Term Two speech list came home and this week he had to write a speech about Mummy. 

My relationship with my son is a beautiful one. We are extremely close. I know I probably wrapped him in cotton wool but he tells me his worries, he laughs with me, he cries with me, he is sensitive when he realises something is bothering me, he is forgiving and this kid is only six!! My husband always jokes that the children love me more than him and secretly I think he might be right.

So why is it then that a speech about Mummy was so difficult to write?

This was the one week I stepped away from helping and suggested he get Daddy and together they could write down all the fabulous things about me.

I watched as they both sat there in silence looking very glumly at the prospect of having to work something out.  Eventually I made some suggestions about how I look after him when he’s sick and I make fabulous meals for him to eat and I’m beautiful…..and so my list went on. He wasn’t so receptive to it, but eventually under duress he managed to write his speech. Let’s just say he wrote more emotional pieces about his love of Lego than about me.

The next day was my birthday and my fabulous friends held a morning tea for me. We all happened to start talking about this weeks speech and couldn’t believe the same thing happened to each of us, our boys just couldn’t write a speech about their Mums without real prompting.

With this in mind I thought it only fair to write a blog about “My Fabulous Mother”

I tell my siblings that Mum and Dad raised me the best because they wanted me the most.

From when I can remember my Mum has always been around. She gave up work to have us, to nurture us, to love and care for us. 

If we fell over she was there to pick us, wipe away our tears, give us a cuddle and put a bandaid on us. 

She was and still is the best cook. Every night there was a delicious home cooked meal in front of us.

I remember coming home from school in Summer after a long hot bus ride and Mum would be waiting at the bus stop with an icy drink for us. In Winter it was hot chocolate and marshmallows. 

Every birthday, Easter, Christmas was filled with love and she always put so much thought into everything. 

When I was diagnosed with cancer my Mum was the first person I wanted to call but i knew she would worry too much, so instead I called my Dad to tell her. She held my hand through it all.

When I had my son, Mum was there ever step of the way through my awful pregnancy. When my son arrived prematurely Mum came to the hospital nearly everyday. When we got home she visited once a week, she cleaned, she cooked and fed my little darling so I could sleep.

The night we lost our daughter I wanted no one more than my Mum. My parents had also lost a baby when I was eighteen months old, my little sister was born at 26 weeks. She lived for nine hours. 

My Mum sat beside me the whole night whilst my arms were wrapped around Charlize, Mums were wrapped around me. When Charlize left us, I fully understood the pain my parents had endured.

Every day after Mum made sure I was eating, sleeping, grieving. She helped keep my family functioning. She looked after the kids so often I lost count, she did washing and cooking and answered the door to visitors and still kept driving to the hospital to make sure Lucia was thriving.

There is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t talk to my Mum on the phone. Because of her I understand and cherish family, because of her I couldn’t wait to get married and have children, because of her, I know how to cook, clean, organise, trust, care for, forgive and love. Because of her I am the mother I am today and the woman I am today.

Because, my Mum is just Fabulous.

Love you mother dear xxxx

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