There’s nothing like Best Friends

Yesterday started with such excitement, a girls night out on the town with the bestest girls ever…..

A year ago my son started school, and like lots of parents before us, we had never done the school thing before. You hear so many stories about “Mummy Clicks’ and gossip, so you really don’t know what to expect.

I was lucky enough to meet three of the most beautiful, caring and nurturing women who have become some of my bestest friends. These women have held my hand and walked with me through some of my hardest days, they have picked up my son from school, they have made countless cups of tea, they have handed me tissues and wiped my tears away and they have made me smile and laugh till it hurts.

Because all our birthdays are very close the four of us decided to treat ourselves to a night out together.

We started with cocktails, then followed them up with more cocktails and a Tapas style dinner. We talked and laughed for hours and couldn’t believe it was midnight when we decided to go out dancing. Lets just say it was a night to remember!

With sore feet, tired bodies and a night full of memories, I climbed into bed in the early hours of Mothers Day hoping beyond hope that the children let me sleep in.

Thankfully a 9am start is more than appropriate after a late night.

I was spoilt with love and showered in gifts from my husband and beautiful children.

We spent the day with my dearest friend. She is a single Mummy to a beautiful little girl the same age as my son. We met each other when our first borns were six weeks old. From that moment on both our children and us have been inseparable.

She happens to be Godmother to both of my daughters. She has been with me and my family through the toughest night of our lives. The night we were told we were going to lose Charlize and I knew without a doubt that I wanted her with us.

She dropped everything and was at my side before I can even remember blinking, holding my hand, hugging me and holding Charlize in her own arms. Because she was there that night she understands more than most what we endured and how fragile every moment in life is.

So, why wouldn’t I want to spend the day with her. As always we planned to have brunch and then have a few hours together and go our separate ways and as always that never happens.

My darling hubby made us the most delicious brunch. Brunch turned into afternoon tea, a few games of scrabble, many cups of tea, cake, dinner and eventually supper. Our kids bathed together, ate together and finally went to bed together.

As I sit here on the lounge next to my dearest friend I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I am surround by strong, determined, amazing women who I’m lucky to have as friends and make beautiful memories with. Without you all life would be very dull!

Thank you for making life even more fun and exciting everyday. I love you all dearly xx


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