Just go to sleep!

image imageThere is nothing that I love more than walking upstairs into the kids bedrooms and seeing them blissfully sound asleep.

It makes me smile.

It makes me happy to know that they’re little brains are resting and filing away everything they’ve learnt into a safe place ready to bring it to the surface when they need it.

But then there is the most frustrating part of our evening, putting Little Miss Indiana into bed.

If you have had the opportunity to read the children’s book for adults called ‘Go the … To sleep’ you would be able to laugh with me. If you haven’t seen it, you tube the Noni Hazelhurst version it is hilarious.

Getting back to my delightful three year old. I truly do not how I ended up with the most defiant little girl, with unbelievable attitude, a temper that fires up with little warning, but who dazzles you with her warmth and sincerity. She is a Tauren just like her Mummy and Daddy but seriously this routine she pulls every night is ridiculous.

First we have a drink of milk, brush our teeth, read a story, say goodnight to our siblings, go to the toilet, put on a pull up, have a drink of water, go downstairs to get her snuggle, go to the toilet again, get into bed, ask Mummy to lie down with her, put Mummy in a headlock so she can’t leave, have another drink of water …..

……then Mummy tells her she loves her, give her a big kiss and cuddle and BANG – I am knocked in the head to push me back into the lying down position. I shouldn’t have dared try to get up.

After my concussion wears off I’m usually able to negotiate my way out of her bedroom back downstairs where all is quiet.

Daddy and I sit on the lounge counting the minutes, waiting for that sound, the one we will try to palm off to each other.

Ten minutes later it happens.

The sound of little feet that touch the floor out of bed and pad their way downstairs, then those words are spoken like every other night.

She is like clockwork.

“I did a poo”

We look at each other and smile then the conversation goes something like this,

“It’s your turn”

“No, I did it twice last night”

“No you didn’t that was me”

Eventually one of us goes upstairs, changes her, gives her water, gives her snuggle, lies down with her, gets knocked out, regains consciousness and wakes up next to a sleeping three year old.


We creep down stairs and hope with all our heart that they all stay asleep.

Can you hear that? Neither can I, the sound of silence, the sound of children breathing softly, sound asleep.

I LOVE it xx

3 thoughts on “Just go to sleep!”

  1. I love reading your blogs – you should write a book . I can relate to so much that you write it puts a smile on my face or a tear in my eye — keep going xxxxxxx

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