Rest in Peace GG

After 94 years (a month shy of 95) my husbands Grandma passed away this afternoon.

We all called her GG (Great-Grandma). GG had two daughters and when her youngest daughter was only nine years old her husband died suddenly. At a young age she became a widow in a world where most women stayed at home to take care of their family. GG got herself a mortgage, purchased a house, took in boarders, went to work as a signwriter and raised her girls lovingly.

I knew GG for fifteen years. The thing I remember most was the amazing caramel slice she would make. She was able to get the base just that little bit crunchy and the chocolate and caramel was perfect, it truly was an experience every time you ate some of GG’s caramel slice.

Both of GG’s daughters married and had four children each, giving her eight grandchildren whom she adored to the end. Those eight grandchildren gave her over 20 great-grandchildren.

She was a woman surrounded by love and she gave love so naturally. She gave the best advice. She was once talking about sex and relationships and told my husband “why buy the book, when you can borrow it from the library”. She was full of fun and good humour. She travelled the world, she was at the opening of the Harbour Bridge, she loved to paint, to do ceramics, she loved bowls, she loved bingo, she socialised often, she was independent, she was amazing.

Rather than being sad that GG has gone we are celebrating the life of an amazing woman. Without her strength and determination the family would not be what it is today.

You will be truly missed GG. Rest in peace xxxxxx


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