The Immunisation Debate

I thought a long time about this before writing it, so I thought I’d be clear from the outset. This is my opinion only based on my personal situation. I do not judge others for their choices but this is mine and why I have taken this path.

There is currently a lot of controversy about immunisations and the parents who have decided not to immunise their children.

When Orlando was born over six years ago I did a lot of my own ‘research’ about immunisations. Lets be honest I googled it! A lot!

At the time I had a friend who had an autistic child and flatly believed it was because of the MMR immunisation that this happened to her child. The dr that started that theory was officially struck from the medical profession many years ago.

I remember being told by our dr that immunisations are based on a herd theory. If you have 100 people and one or two are not immunised they are generally protected.

The problem we have today is so many of ‘the herd’ are choosing not to immunise and this is putting infants that are too young to be immunised at risk.

Today, a baby is aged between six and eight weeks when they have their first immunisation – that is a long time for exposure. Whooping cough is running rampant and many people don’t realise they need a booster shot when adults to protect them and their children.

When I was pregnant with our second child I received a booster shot, as did my husband, parents and siblings – to protect our children.

After losing Charlize I became neurotic about germ control. We were bringing Lucia home, our miracle, after 84 days in hospital and exposing our tiny baby with a suppressed immune system for the first two years of her life to society, full of germs, but worse, full of children who are not immunised.

I’ll be honest, we lost friends over our germ rules and we upset even people in the family. We didn’t allow anyone to hold Lucia and you were not able to visit our home if you were bringing small children with you or you had a cold or had been in contact with anyone with a cold. Why did we do this? To protect our baby.

We know the unbearable pain of losing our child and we were not going to let it happen again. If our friends and family couldn’t understand that, then tough.

I am all for freedom of choice and making informed decisions but drs and scientists have researched these things for decades. They have irridacated some hideous diseases and tried relentlessly to keep others at bay. The problem is that I don’t think the anti-vaccination people realise they are putting a great many lives at risk. I personally couldn’t live with the fact of taking my non-immunised child to the park who happens to have a cough, which turns out to be whooping cough and passes it to an immunised immune suppressed child who ends up dying. Could you?

So yes, I am all for immunisations and I’m all for exclusion from preschool or daycare for non-immunised children. I am just not comfortable with having to put my children at that much risk.

I’d love to hear your views on it ………. Until tomorrow x

2 thoughts on “The Immunisation Debate”

  1. I am in agreement with you 100%. I cannot believe people (especially family members!) had issue with you keeping a germ barrier around your littlest miracle. No offence intended toward them (ok, maybe a little) but that strikes me as very selfish. I think some people expect to be the exception to your rules because they are family or close friends, but in reality they should be the ones that understand your concern the most because that concern should also be theirs.


  2. Couldn’t agree more. Your child, your rules – so, well within your rights to make demands about who can visit Lucia and how those visits take place. Also, a girl in my Mum’s group had a little girl who contracted whooping cough (immune suppressed preterm baby, but immunised). She spent 6 weeks in hospital fighting for her little life. More stress on an already struggling little body. I think people are entitled to make their own choices, but struggle to agree wih this choice when it puts others at risk


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