The way to a mans heart – with a Thermomix!!

Sundays have always been my favourite day of the week. We sleep in, we go out for breakfast, we do things as a family and then I like to spend the afternoon preparing a yummy meal and baking.

In February I very courageously purchased a Thermomix. I say courageously because I told my husband the biggest lie ever … I told him it only cost me $600 because I hosted a Thermomix party. He thought $600 was too much to pay.

Over the past few months I’ve gradually increased the price at the same as showing him how much he actually loves Ernie (we started calling it Thermie and now the whole family calls him Ernie).

I’ve made bread, gelato, apricot chicken, risottos, the best mash potato you’ll ever eat, the best home-made dips you’ll ever eat, fresh lemonade and the list goes on and on.

Last month our neighbours finished building their pizza oven so I offered to make the pizza dough in Ernie. We had the most amazing pizzas followed by chocolate mousse and passion fruit gelato – all made by Ernie.

Today, for the first time I made real fresh butter. My husband was in awe and immediately buttered some bread to try it. He loved it. I used our fresh butter and made a lemon and coconut cake. The smell lured him from our office to enquire what I was making. The smile on his face was like that of a small child’s when I told him, his favourite.

We finished our dinner (also made by Ernie), put the kids to bed and sat down to enjoy our cake. Ernie had even made a lemon butter for the cake.

My husband smiled through every single crumb of his cake, then he stood up and said “$2000 might be a lot of money but Ernie is totally worth it”

I just had to laugh.

I LOVE Sundays xx

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