Forty before Forty

I was reading a blog recently by a lady who was nearing the age of thirty and she had a bucket list of all those things she wanted to do before she turned thirty.

It kind of got me thinking, I’d never had a bucket list. Every year in January I write our list of goals for the year and I’m amazed how much we get through in a year. But it’s more like; Put in the front deck, get a new letterbox, put in the downlights … all really boring stuff but it’s how we get it done.

So, why don’t I write a list of all those things I’d really like to do? I guess I always have an excuse …. I don’t want to leave the kids, we can’t take the kids, I’m too tired, it’s too expensive, we can’t get time off, etc, etc, etc.

Here goes, I’ve decided to write part of my list.The only problem is I can’t believe it but I’m already past thirty so I guess the list will have to be before I turn forty.

The start of my list of I wants ……

1. I want to go hang-gliding at Lennox Head

2. I want to learn to surf

3. I want to get fit and stay fit (not just get excited for a few months and falter again)

4. I want to visit Pompei

5. I want to work and live overseas

6. I want to do my cake decorating course

7. I want to stay up all night and watch the sunrise on the beach with my hubby

8. I want to go on a weekend away with my closest girlfriends

9. I want to learn how to make an awesome Paela

10. I want to write a book…….

That’s my start. Feel free to comment with your top three. I’d love some more inspiration.

Until tomorrow xx

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